Hirame Pump Chuck

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This is the best pump head we have ever used. It is designed and produced by Hirame in Osaka Japan.
Hirame pump chucks are hand made with care by a one-man operation and can handle very high pressure without popping off or leaking while you are pumping! These are highly recommended for tracks, shops, race teams, mechanics and serious home enthusiasts, too. These work the way you wish all pumps would work....and leave you wondering, why can't the big companies just include something like this on their pumps!?
The lever holds onto the valve very firmly, and the clamping pressure can be adjusted instantly and easily by simply turning the knurled outer by hand.
It is L-shaped so can be used to pump disc wheels, carbon wheels such as hed3 etc, as well as normal spoked wheels.
If you are racing at the track, are a bike mechanic/shop, or just an enthusiast who wants the best, you have to check this Hirame pump head out.
It comes standard with the Presta/French valve adapter installed
Made in Japan. Beware of cheap Taiwanese/Chinese off-brand lookalikes which have been circulating recently!

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