Wheels Manufacturing T47 Outboard Shimano, Bottom Bracket

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  • Bearings: Enduro Angular Contact
  • Colour: Black
  • Bottom Bracket/Frame Interface: T47
  • Bottom Bracket Shell Width (mm): 68mm - 100mm
  • Bottom Bracket Shell I.D.: 47x1.0mm Threaded
  • Crank Spindle Diameter: 24.00mm
  • Over Bearing Width: 90.8mm in 68mm wide shell*
  • Tool Pattern: 44mm x 16-notch
  • Weight: 150g

T47 threaded BB cups for T47 frames and 24.00mm spindle diameter cranks. Cups have outboard bearings and are typically used in BB shells with widths from 68mm to 100mm. Machined aluminum cups thread together directly into a T47 BB shell. Bearings are easily serviced or replaced. Includes sleeve to fit between cups for added protection from dirt and grime, and also keeps your internal wires and hoses from rubbing on the crank spindle.

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