Reserve Fillmore Tubeless Valve Stems, 50mm

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The Reserve Wheels Fillmore Tubeless Valves are a new take on tubeless Presta valves that makes inflating your tubeless tires incredibly easy. The secret behind the Filmore Valves is their high-volume design, which allows for 3x the amount of airflow compared to a regular Presta valve which makes seating your tubeless tires a breeze. The Fillmore Valves have a coreless design, which means injecting sealant into the tire is easy and painless. The self-cleaning poppet eliminates clogs and the threaded cap has precision micro-adjust capabilities, so you can fine-tune your tire's air pressure to your preferred pressure. These valves are made for mountain, gravel and cross-country rims up to 28mm deep and are compatible with Presta valve pump heads and most sealant injectors.

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