Challenge Strada Bianca Pro TLR tire, Tubeless Ready, 700 x 36, PPS2, 260TPI, black/tan

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Race it hard or head off the beaten path. The Strada Bianca combines the renowned Paris-Roubaix herringbone tread pattern with larger volume and gravel-specific construction to take you comfortably over less-than-perfect surfaces. This tire is for rough roads, packed dirt, and most dry gravel surfaces. This handmade TLR tire combines a supple, 260TPI SuperPoly casing with natural rubber tread for long-distance comfort, confident cornering, and quick handling. This tire also includes PPS2, a combination of the Challenge sub-tread Puncture Protection System and an additional layer inside the casing to increase puncture resistance. Use: Pavement, cobbles, hardpack and gravel. TLR is the tubeless version of this tire.

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